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If you’re the kind of person who gets a kick out of helping people, a career with Rawson might be for you.

At Rawson, we don’t use the term ‘estate agent’. We prefer to use the language of ‘Sales Partners’. A Sales Partner is someone who partners with a franchise in making property sales. But it’s deeper than that because Sales Partners also partner with clients to make sure they achieve their goals. After all, every property deal is a understandably a big deal to our clients.

If you’re attracted to the earning potential of a career in property and have a strong service ethic, the next thing to decide is what kind of Sales Partner you wish to be:

  • Properties: Residential sales
  • Rentals: Residential rentals
  • Auctions: Auctions of immovable property
  • Commercial: Commercial & industrial sales and selling

If you’re not sure which focus is right for you, why not get in touch with us and we’ll help you decide.

Why Rawson?

Track Record
Recently celebrating our 30th year of trading, we have tremendous expertise and credibility in the marketplace. It’s no wonder we have almost 200 franchises nationwide.
Brand Power
With regular brand campaigns and almost 300 branded vehicles on the road, you can’t miss us. We also advertise in all the media you’d expect of a top brand.
Top-notch Training
Rawson is one of the few property groups with a dedicated Training Academy, offering over 20 property courses.
Powerful Systems
Our web-based systems help power your career.
Group Benefits
We’ll motivate you with ongoing incentive and recognition schemes. You’ll also enjoy business referrals from our 200 franchises - and through our in-house bond origination service, you’ll be kept in the loop with your clients’ finance.
We already have qualified buyers on our system. Our national referrals center shares buyer referrals across our 200 franchise offices nationwide. Through Rawson Finance, we also certify the spending power of buyers to give you peace of mind.

Track Record

30 years of success

In 2012, we celebrated our 30th year of trading in the South African market. The Rawson brand spans the entire property spectrum, covering both residential and commercial property, as well as sales, rentals and auctions. We also have our own property development arm and in-house bond origination division.

Over 1000 professionals

We currently have close on 200 franchises and more than 1000 qualified Sales Partners across South Africa. We are also one of South Africa’s fastest growing property brands. According to Finweek (May 2011), Rawson is the ‘4th largest real estate group in South Africa’.

Property expertise

Powered by our Training Academy and management team, including our experienced franchise owners, we have immense expertise and experience in the real estate environment.

Branding & Marketing

High brand visibility

With regular editorial features in the press and almost 300 branded vehicles on the road, our brand continues to grow. In 2004, we were nominated as a Superbrand by the Independent Superbrand Council of South Africa.

Multiple media platforms

We know the business of property marketing and will show you the ropes. We advertise across a variety of media including our innovative website, property portals, newspapers and even DSTV. It all adds up to getting results and making sales.

Leading Training

All the training you’ll need

Training and support is part of the deal. That means you’ll never be alone in your property career. Our training covers the full property spectrum.

Dedicated Training Academy

Our dedicated Training Academy offers continuous legal, sales, soft skills and life skills training to support you along the way. Our experienced facilitators are available to guide, coach and mentor trainees throughout the year, whatever level of proficiency you might be at.

Over 20 courses

The Rawson Proficiency Course, the compulsory FETC Real Estate NQF 4 for estate agents qualification, the Letting Course, Commercial Course - and many more property courses.

Property Systems

Sales management system

We’ve built our own web-based system to power your property career. It handles sales administration and reporting. You’ll be able to track your progress, advertise properties and process business leads with just a few clicks.

Powerful website systems

Our website and digital marketing systems are enhanced continuously by our online marketing team.

Group Benefits

Events & Recognition

We’ll help motivate you with ongoing incentive and recognition schemes. In 2012, we flew 21 of our top performing Sales Partners to Orlando, Florida to attend a global property conference.

Business Referrals

We have a dedicated referrals center which processes referrals to and from our Sales Partners. It provides a rich source of sales leads and another income stream for you.

Bond Origination

Rawson is one of the only national real estate brands offering the service of bond origination in-house through Rawson Finance. This means that you’re kept in the loop regarding your clients’ finance. Find out more about Rawson Finance here.

A Message from Bill

There is quite possibly no other career where a good practitioner can be so helpful to other people at a time when they almost always need help along every step of the way. The average man-in-the-street must be protected and guided at this time – and it is the good agent who does exactly this for him.


What qualifications will I need as a Sales Partner?

In terms of current legislation, you will need to pass the Estate Agency Affairs Board Course examination in order to secure a Fidelity Fund Certificate and be entitled to receive estate agent commission. However, should one of our franchises appoint you as a Sales Partner, we will give you all the training you will need to achieve the necessary qualifications.

I've heard one must be able to support oneself for the first 3 to 6 months after commencing work as a Sales Partner. Is this true?

Yes. One only receives one's commission approximately three months after closing a sale. This is because it takes approximately three months for the transfer of a property to be registered in the Deeds Office and for the funds to be made available. It also takes time learning the profession and becoming acquainted with the make-up of one's area, as well as establishing relationships with potential buyers and sellers. Therefore, it may be some time before one closes a sale and even longer until one actually receives money in the bank.

I’ve heard the work of a Sales Partner is undemanding - is this true?

Not at all - to succeed, you need to be focused and dedicated. One has to be available whenever one's clients are available, which is predominantly after-hours. One also needs to be willing to work weekends, and Sundays in particular, as these times are popular show-house and viewing times.

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